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What is Numerology?

Numerology is considered the Sacred Science par excellence.

Its origins were attributed to Master Pythagoras, the Greek Philosopher of 580 B.C. who believed that the essence of reality was of a mathematical nature.


Actually the Chaldean people, an ethnic group that lived in Mesopotamia from 3500 BC, had already attained very advanced mathematical, astronomical and esoteric knowledge that they transmitted afterwards to the Egyptian, Jews, Indian and  Greeks.


Numerology is an Ancentral Wisdom that has always been used as a form of knowledge of the Self.


Numbers are active living operators that we can interpret, but it is important to specify that Numerology is based on probabilistic mathematics, so it cannot predict the future.


Numbers & Archetypes

In Numerology, Numbers represent not only a personality, but some specific qualities, such as- abilities and traits that make any of them absolutely unique and special. 

Each Number is represented by an Archetype, which is a character pattern that is pre-existing in the collective unconscious. 

The Archetypes evoke the deep structure of the psyche that acts in us.

When we are aware of their existence, we can understand if they are acting in balance allowing us to make the most of our potential; but it’s also possible that they are acting in “defect” or in “excess”.


In fact, they are in “defect” when we avoid using our gifts; they are in “excess” when we abuse them. In both cases there’s an unbalanced energy that comes back to us causing suffering and frustrations.

That’s why it is so important to take the best advantage of our potential in order to be successful and to accomplish our purpose in life.



Karma is a memory that comes from experiences of previous lives, we can define it as an energetic imprint with which we are born and that remains imprinted within us. Through different incarnations each person incorporates experiences that enrich and define their current existence.


Karma certainly has an influence in our life. Since we are the creators of our reality, often without realizing it, we create under the influence of the memories we are carrying.


When in our Numerology Chart we find those Karmic Numbers (12/3, 13/4, 15/6, 16/7) it means that we have some specific lessons that we have planned to heal in this lifetime.



What is the Shadow Self?

It’s the most uncomfortable part of ourselves, the one that everyone would like to hide. It’s where the Shadow Self lies in: fears, projections, illusions, limitations, hidden impulses, lack of confidence and so on, are all part of our own darkness.

All that exists and operates underneath our conscious awareness but,

most of all, it holds the key to unlock our highest wisdom.

When we are able to face our own Shadow, we are taking full responsibility of our life, reclaiming full ownership and power, becoming the Alchemists who have the ability to transform darkness into Light. 

Shadow and Light are the two faces of the same coin, one can’t exist without the other one; we can’t just take the Light rejecting the Shadow.

We are here on Earth to face and integrate our Shadow Self: when we are able to do that without any judgement, fighting or analyzing, we are totally free from our own illusions and fears becoming aware of who we really are, having the power to direct our lives with full awareness, tapping into our best potential, unlocking the wisdom of our True Self.


Beyond our deepest and dark fears we can find our magnificent gifts, and that’s really a powerful transformation that we can do for ourselves and for the collective.


Knowing our Shadow gives us the opportunity to focus on our Soul’s desires, in order to feel more complete and balanced. 


Summarizing, we need to go through 3 important steps:





Integrating our Shadow Self is a fundamental process for our evolution. 

It allows us to change our perspective and it is an excellent opportunity for a decisive turning point in our life.



What is The Blueprint?

Like an Architect who needs a blueprint to build a house or a building, we need  have our own MAP to have a full understanding of our unique situation.


We are the Architects of our own life, the creators of our own reality.

We can decide to re-write our own story, but first of all we need to know our Blueprint and that’s possible through the Numerical values of our Name and Date of Birth.


My Mission

I know how hard and overwhelming it can be to face difficulties in life, feeling like a victim without understanding what’s happening and how to overcome all the obstacles; feeling fear or guilt when we are not living the successfull life we were expecting to experience. 


My Mission is to support people in remembering who they are, what are their gifts, being aware of the lessons they need to overcome, and directing them towards their Highest Purpose in order to express the best version of themselves.

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