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Numerology Readings with Sylvia

1st session

The 5 main Numbers in your Chart:

Life Path Number

Soul Number

Personality Number

Destiny Number

Quintessence Number


2nd session

Karmic Reading: the lessons that we are supposed to experience in this lifetime

Shadow Self: understanding where it comes from, how it’s acting in your life and how to heal it


3rd session

Origin and Gift Numbers

Life Cycles: Imprinting, Growth, Fullness, Completion

Opportunities and challenges of your Personal Year and Month


4th session

In-depth analysis of Your Date of Birth and Name

The Arrows in Your Date of Birth and Name: strength lines and criticality lines


5th session

Your Spiritual Path

Archetypal Number

The Power of Your Name of God and Angel: 72 Names of God of the Kabbalistic tradition


Numerology Coaching as well as long term session plan is also available to guide you

and supporting towards your Purpose.


We are all Unique Beings and the plan can be adjusted depending on your needs.

Require your personalised plan now.

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