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Master Numbers bring the opportunity to shine brighter when they vibrate high, because on the opposite they might also carry more shadow.


All of them are double Numbers:


11    22   33   44


These Numbers are very powerful, but at the same time they are heavier to integrate. If we are not able to make them vibrate at their Highest Potential giving them the chance to shine brighter, they might be really uncomfortable and more difficult to manage than the Basic Numbers.


First of all, when we have a Master Number in our Chart, we have to take responsibility that we are in this incarnation not only for ourselves, but also to be a guide for others.



Knowing our potential is very important because once we take the responsibility of our gifts and we commit to take the best use of them, everything becomes easier and smoother. This way we’ll be able to seize the opportunity to accomplish our Purpose in Life.



It’s the Number of the Truth.


People with this Number have a strong Intuition that can be expressed through their word, either spoken or written.


Their deep spontaneous spiritual knowledge together with their strong Intuition and psychic abilities gives them the skill to understand the mysteries of life much more than any other Number.


Number 11 is associated with the Archetype of Genius.

Its color is SILVER.



They have the same characteristics of Master Number 11, but implemented the Material World.


They are great Leaders, Directors and Managers. They are honest, practical and intuitive. Also, well grounded into matter and they are here to create something for the benefit of the society.


Number 22 is associated with the Archetype of the Creator.

Its color is GOLD.




It’s the vibration of Love at its highest expression; it’s the Number of Compassion.


People with this Number often have a tendency to sacrifice their own needs to be of help to others.


Number 33 is associated with the Archetype of the Master.

Its color is BLUE.





It’s the Universal Master of Construction and Sports.


They are great Leaders with a strong character and are tenacious workers with the ability to influence massive amounts of people.


They are very well grounded and have a strong connection with the material world and are here to build something impressive for our society.


Number 44 is associated with the Shaman Archetype.

Its color is GREEN.

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