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About Me

My name is Sylvia Liumyira, since I was a child I was interested in discovering the mysteries of Life, always seeking the Truth.


My “Spiritual Awakening” occurred during my first trip to Egypt at the age of 30. When I “accidentally” found an anonymous writing on a wall, which immediately took my attention and deeply touched my Heart.

It was written: “The Warrior of Light is a believer, because he believes in miracles, miracles begin to happen…

All believers know this…”.

These quotes are from Paulo Coelho’s book “The Manual of the Warrior of Light”, which came into my hands a few years later.

These words literally changed my life.


Right afterwards, I approached the spiritual world with a background in Rebirthing, Reiki and Coaching. Since then I have experimented with a variety of Holistic disciplines.

I have  also traveled to Sacred Lands such as Egypt, Avalon and Israel. 

I have lived for a long while on the island of Ibiza, one of the most magnetic and energetic places on Earth! This experience made me spiritually grow consistently.

In the last ten years, I have looked into one of my great passions: Numerology, which gave me the opportunity to understand myself at a much deeper level.


 I undertook studies of:

- Karmic Numerology

The one that more than any other describes in depth the karmic and shadow aspects of the person.

- Quantum Numerology

The quantum field is an energy that is with us and affects us continuosly, so it’s quite important to be aware of it!

- Sacred Numerology

The combination of the five main Numerology: Pythagorean, Kabbalistic, Chaldean, Chinese and Vedic.

- Archetype’s Numerology

Each Number is represented by an Archetype, which is a character pattern that is pre-existing in the collective unconscious.

It is extremely useful to know these aspects that are at the roots of our behaviors in order to become the best version of ourselves!


Thanks to Numerology I have had the opportunity to deeply transform myself, awakening my Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom, plus reconnecting with my Mission. In fact, by decoding the messages of the Numbers, I’m supporting and directing people to fully embrace their best potential in order to fulfill their Highest Divine Purpose.

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