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"As a Retreat facilitator I worked with Sylvia, who was part of our team, for over 3 years and every Numerology session she guided - was mind blowing & super accurate. Including my own which I still use years later. I highly recommend to experience the magical gifts of this woman!  Life changing experience ❤️ "

~ Ksenia Goryainova, Ukraine


" I did a Numerology Reading with Sylvia which was awesome: so much insight and clearness in life. Sylvia transmits with so much ease and chooses well spoken words.This is my second time I do a reading with her, and every time is like a life changing experience. I


t's confirmation and evolving to know that there's so much beautiful Information in Numbers to learn. It hits in every plan and expands life perspective. I can highly and lovingly recommend Sylvia to get to know yourself more in depth. Thank you for this! Truly an honour... Light and love... Néstor "

~ Néstor Salazar, Sweden


" I had a Numerology Consultation with beautiful Sylvia and oh my word, what an experience. Sylvia's reading answered so many questions about my personality and also the situations and people who had come into my life, and the reasons behind them. She calmly explained the dates, numbers and meanings behind them, and how they relate to this lifetime, in a supportive and kind way. I had no idea how in depth this reading would be and I'm super grateful to have met Sylvia and learned this information now.


There were many aha moments! Armed with these insights I can move forward in life feeling more empowered and with a greater understanding of myself. I wish I'd done this years ago! I would highly recommend Sylvia to anyone who is searching for personal insights, answers to life's questions and who wishes to gain greater clarity on any issues within their life this time

around. Thank you so much Sylvia!
Love Jade x "

~ Jade Marsh, England


" The information I received during a first session with Sylvia have been working on me on many levels: some of them could be immediately assimilated, as I was already more or less conscious of; others have been explored extensively, in order to uncover their various manifestations, the insights received getting more an more precise and refined as time went by.

But there was an aspect of me I have been shown, which I initially put aside, as every time it was mentioned I felt a strong rejection. It has been clearly presented to me as my shadow self, so it was quite clear there would have been resistances in the integration process.

As a matter of fact, it’s been only in a second session, after months of processing, that my biggest resistance has become the Key (with a capital K) to overcome every obstacle, everything has been hindering my happiness, my fullfillment, each and every accomplishment I cared about.

I feel now I own this key, and with it, the possibility to overturn my whole reality. "

Alessandra Sodi, Italia


" If you have the chance to get a Numerology Reading with Sylvia do not think about, just do it and you will never regret! It’s highly recommend it! My Reading has been really mind blowing, it helped me to know myself much better, it gave me more clarity and I am very grateful that I had the chance to meet Sylvia: she is very warm hearted, patient and she took the time necessary to explain everything in depth, answering to all my questions.


The reading was recorded and I‘ve listened to it several times. It is really incredible that only by name and date of birth Sylvia can read so much out of it. You really have to experience it by yourself! I can‘t thank enough Sylvia and I wish her all the best from the bottom of my heart! "

Hanh Phan, Germany


" The Numerology Reading with Sylvia has been an eye opener for me. She explained characteristics of my soul, the karmic imprint and much more. This was really important for me because I understood several events that were taking place in my life that before I could not get my head around. Now I can step into my own power and shed light on the dark side. After the reading I am also more in acceptance of myself & feel a lot more compassion.


Sylvia is a very warm-hearted, loving person who expresses the Karmic Imprint in a clear, understandable way. All her heart is in this work so I would really recommend Sylvia to anyone interested in becoming more conscious of their life purpose and karmic imprint. Thank you so much Sylvia, I wish you all the best for the rest of your journey as a Numerology Reader. "

~ Vera Maria Olliges, Netherlands


" One of the more powerful and amazing gift from the universe I never had is my meeting with you. Everybody should do this reading , it gave me so much information and so important tools that I would never imagine. Thanks for your kindness, work, love and sharing with me. "


~ Antonella Curti, France


"A magical experience with a beautiful person! Thanks to my Karmic Numerology session with Sylvia, my path in life has been confirmed and I understand the steps needed to take towards a peaceful balance in my energy.

She explained very clearly what all the signs mean, and how they are related to our soul in the here and now, and past life. She cleared up a lot of blockages that I had been ignoring or I wasn't conscious of. And next to that she confirmed that the direction I'm heading with my journey is the direction my soul wants to head in!

Now listening back to the recording of our session, my world view and perspective have opened and have been changed for the better. I feel strongly that I can move organically with my personal development, knowing a lot better who I am as a person, and what I've come here to do!

Thank you angel, Sylvia!!! "

Yasmin Wilnis, Netherlands

" Thank you so much Sylvia. It is like magic how precise you described my personality and everything that affects my life positively as well as negatively. A wonderful clarity can accompany me now and after your reading simply everything makes sense. From my heart only the very best for you and again thank you very much."

~ Nina-Fee Konrad, Germany

" Sylvia is very professional and has a great understanding of human nature. She patiently answered the ton of questions I had for her. This was an incredible experience I was amazed that patterns in my life all related to Numerology. It really helped me get a clearer picture of what I want to do in life. I would highly recommend Sylvia to anyone who is looking for greater self knowledge.

Many thanks Sylvia and best wishes to you in your future. "

~ Ita Titi, Ireland

" During one of the biggest challenges of the past years, I’ve heard for the first time about Numerology. I always believe that nothing happens for a coincidence and it was exactly what happens when Sylvia read my numbers. I want to say a BIG thank you to you Sylvia because after you have explained everything so clearly about myself, everything about this experience makes a sense and it changed all my perspective about the real meaning of my own path.

Merciii. "

~ Cyjher Martini, Colombia

" The reading I received from Sylvia has been eye-opening. I hadn't expected such a well-mirrored picture of the components in my life. It helped me to understand what to focus on and what is important to me: often in life one might lose focus of the really important stuff and Sylvia’s words have brought the clarity I needed! She has also been very sensitive and helped me on a concrete problem I am facing at the moment which I am very thankful for. I can highly recommend her, she is a great Numerologist and an amazing person. "

~ Annika Moeller, Germany

" Sylvia has a natural talent to connect and explain through the Numbers. I highly recommend her because she does it with passion, professionalism and enthusiasm!!!

Thanks Sylvia for bringing more light and clarity to my path! "

~ Lucia PM, Argentina

" If you are ready to get clarity about your life path and purpose, I can very much recommend a Numerology session with Sylvia!!! I just find it magical that your date of birth and your name will reveal a set of numbers that tell you with such accuracy why you are here, what is still troubling you from one or several past lives, what you can do to overcome your shadows, and which steps to undertake to really step into your light: your full potential.


And all this under the lovely guidance of earth angel Sylvia, who is determined to help you set things straight in your life, from her deepest heart desire.

Cannot recommend this enough. Thank you Sylvia! "

~ Andrea Barneveld, Netherlands

" Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Very gratfull our paths crossed and I was able to get what I know is powerful insight to help me evolve on my journey to the next level. Deep gratitude and love to you Sylvia xxxx "

~ Abi White, England

" The right words at the Right time ! Very helpful when you get a bit lost in your life and to find the way to superate troubles, worries and fears.
It will help me to follow my path in peace.
Thank you! "

~ Aurore Brement, France

Sylvia is a warm and loving person and the explanations of my numbers were spot on!

~ Juliette Amadsoedjoek, Netherlands

Sylvia is a gifted reader and soulful being - her Numerology Reading provided insight and validation on many questions that I needed answered (even some I didn't know to ask!)

I may not understand how or why it works, but I can say with 100% certainty that it DOES WORK!! And not only does it work, but it has the copacity to relieve long standing belief systems, doubt, and shame. Sylvia is a healer and genuinely beautiful being - what a blessing to all who have the privilege to work with her!!!! "

~ Dani Pogachefsky, United States of America

" Thanks for a lovely and patient reading. Right from the first 5 mins you were exact in every description of me, it gave me clarity that I am doing what my soul came here to do. "


~ Punam Verma, England

" Thank you very much Sylvia. The reading has been very meaningful to me and you were very kind and patient to explain everything clearly to me. Now I have the right ingredients to make the best recipe for my life. "

~ Laurence Villier, France

" Incredibly accurate, clear, confronting and above all a confirmation of what i already knew inside! Very grateful for it "

~ Mathieu Iking, Netherlands

" The numerology reading that Sylvia gave me was so much more than I was expecting. It gave me a whole understanding of my life path from a soul level - quite mind blowing and fantastically accurate. If you get the chance to experience this lady's amazing skills, I would say - go for it!, you won't be disappointed and you'll come away armed with a whole new view and understanding of your karmic path. "

~ Paula Taras, England

" Amazing the reading that Sylvia gave me today, it was as a mirror and confirmation for me! Thanks for helping me Sylvia! Hope to meet you soon again lots of Love & Light. "


~ Barbara Manon, Netherlands

" An incredible moment of reading with Sylvia!! Very precise, kind and patient.
She take the time to explain all the reading, very deeply, so you will know all about the numbers and what is about.
She gave me big confirmations on my own guidance (I was very surprised by the accuracy of her reading), help me to understand more and passed me full of elements that will serve me for the future.

She provides a paper with all the information of your numerology inside and a recording of the session, wich is very useful to listen after the session and more. I'm very grateful and warmly recommend her.

~ Enza Chaffron, France "

" I had a really interesting and inspiring Numerology reading with Sylvia. It opened new insights and it will keep unfolding. Highly recommended. "

~ Sa Veetmaya Es, Italia

" After the session I felt more calm and in peace, releasing some of the pressure I had before.

I felt more faith in the intelligence of life as all the information I received are related to my name and date of birth.

I really appreciated the Numerology Reading as an objective method, logic, free of any judgment or recrimination and I realized that my life purpose was already designed when I was born. "

~ Anna Pitscheider, Italia

" I had such an inspiring and enlightening experience with the reading carried out by Sylvia...a true marvel with a wealth of numerological information I have not seen before."

~Ray Cocker, New Zealand

" In a perfect timing I received my numerology reading from Sylvia.

She makes sure to work in a quiet environment as she records the reading which I then received from her - much appreciated. She is a passionate numerologist who gave me clear messages and understanding of my life path. Not knowing much about me, I was surprised how much she could tell and advise based on the calculations she did. I highly recommend her work.

Thank you for the fulfilling experience. "

~ Slavomira Lakshmi, Czechoslovacchia

" Sylvia’s Karmic Numerology was very accurate and precise. It gave me more clarity within myself and some guidance on how and what to improve on the practical level . It was very useful to understand better some aspects of my character and how to improve on the shadow side. Highly recommend her service - it’s great! "

~ Greta Prunskaite, Lituania

" What a fascinating and enlightening experience my reading with Sylvia was! So many memories and connections popped into my head whilst she was talking, and I'm still making more connections days later. It really gives you clarity and confidence in yourself and your path in this life, as well as guidance on areas to work on. I highly recommend her. "

~ Alison Jones, England

" Sylvia is talented and cherry on the cake she has a beautiful soul! I truly enjoyed my session. It was an incredible experience to understand through my numbers the deep meaning of my existence! It's fascinating, exciting! I am so so grateful...thank you. I highly recommend..."

~ Julie Hendricx, France

" I contacted Sylvia at a moment I felt a bit stuck in my life - lots of changes happening & not knowing whether to go left or right- & her numerology reading not only gave me the answers I needed at that very moment, it also tied together & gave reason to how my life went up to here & now, gave me more confidence in who I am really & a clear direction to walk in. So thank you Sylvia! "

~ Jill Gillessen, France

" Thank you for the beautiful and accurate reading Sylvia

I highly recommend a session with this beautiful woman! "

~ Mayke Niestadt, Netherlands

" Had a truly insightful session with Sylvia! I’ve had contact with numerology before, but never as spot-on and clear as this time! Sylvia confirmed me all of my inner feelings and intuition and helped me understand some deeper aspects within me. Definitely recommend it! "

~ Andra Visan, Romania

" I had such an eye-opening reading with Sylvia. I met her during a time where I am on my path to healing and looking for some guidance. And as if on cue from the Universe, she came to my life. What an insightful input she had given me, she was patient and thorough and I am forever thankful. Absolutely highly recommended. Thank you so much Sylvia. "

~Lorna Garcia, France

" Very nice session, helpful insights. Thank you very much. "

Pep Muntaner Bennasar, Spain

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