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Rekindle Your Awareness of Your Original Blueprint. Book Your Unique Numerology Reading with Sylvia Today.

Feel free to start with one initial session, or to book a x3, x6 or x9 Session plan for a more in depth Numerology Reading experience with a free Coaching session if booking x3 or more.

Sessions and payment are all arranged directly via email. Please click on your desired session plan, of one initial session or more. Each option will take you straight to your email with my address : sylvia@theoriginalblueprint . In your email please state your family surname, ( non married surname) with any middle names, 'Nick names' ( if used daily), your date of birth, and also your time and place of birth  🙏🏽 

1x Session



9 x Session Plan

Plus 1 hour free Numerology Coaching Session



3 x Session Plan



6 x Session Plan
Plus 1 x Free 30 minute Numerology Coaching Session


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